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Welcome Dads! 


We’re so glad you found us, and we can’t wait to join you on your dad journey. 


If you’re like us we know you have a burning desire to be a great dad. You also want to be great at your job.  And you want to be the best husband at the same time as creating a great life for your family. 


You’re working your butt off to get there, but despite that you often feel like you’re failing.


You have great intentions, but struggle to manage it all. Whether it’s balancing your time and energy, connecting with your wife and kids more, or overcoming the constant feeling that you’ve let someone down – you just can’t shake the feeling that you’re not doing enough. 

You’ve always felt a void when it came to the relationship with your own dad and desperately want to change that for your kids. 


Maybe others have said, “That’s just like your dad,” but they didn’t mean it as a compliment. And while that hurt, it also caused you to question yourself:


  • Will I make the same mistakes he did? 

  • Will his issues become my issues?

  • Do I have what it takes to break the cycle, and create the family life and relationships I want? 

Deep down, you want to break the cycle so bad…but you aren't sure how to get there.

At Connected Dads, we’ve been there too. 


We have a passion to succeed at leading our families and be great dads.  But like you, we’ve stumbled along the way.  Whether it’s repeating the mistakes our dads made; struggling to balance the demands of family, work, and our health; or simply losing the battle for our peace of mind – we often felt like we came up short. 

We looked for answers everywhere. We planned better.  We committed to change. We made promises to our wife and kids, but with every mistake and broken promise – we felt like we failed again.  It became too much. 


As time went by, things got worse.  Everything we tried seemed to blow up in our face.  Instead of one-step forward, two steps back – we fell backwards down the mountain.  We hit bottom. You know what bottom looks like? It’s when you almost lose your family.

That's when we finally realized our mistake. 

From this place of clarity came the realization we needed help along the way, and the right people around us to make it happen. So we rebuilt our approach based on proven principles, connected regularly with dads ahead of us but on the same journey, and committed to holding each other accountable. 


Immediately we saw our family life begin to change. 


We became more aware and intentional in daily choices. We grew as leaders. Our health and energy levels increased. Our most important relationships improved, and the vision for our lives and families started to become reality.


We learned the power of clarifying our purpose as a father, understanding how faith gave us peace in any circumstance, and that fitness provided the energy and health we needed to thrive. Most importantly, we held each other accountable.  As the proverb states, “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”


But the best part? We see the difference in how we show up for the people that matter.  We relate better to our kids.  They respect and listen to us, honour us, and have fun with us.  We connect more often, and in deeper ways with our spouse.  We’re changing the negative patterns of the past and building strong, faithful, and resilient families.  We’re becoming the dads we dreamed of having.

Is it time for you to make a change?

At Connected Dads we bring dads together in community so they can thrive in their roles at home, and in the rest of their lives. We know the challenges being a dad presents in addition to the great reward it provides. 


​We’re here to strengthen and support you on the journey. Based on the proven methodology of John C. Maxwell (NY Time Best Selling Author, rated #1 leadership expert in the world by Inc. Magazine) our format and programs immediately give you the tools needed to lead yourself and your family. 


Through coaching, building communities of dads in our Accelerator groups, or our podcast and online course (both coming soon), we’re helping dads overcome their past mistakes, break the negative cycle that's keeping them stuck and transform their relationships.  Inside you’ll find a community that encourages, supports, and challenges you to become the dad you dreamed of having.  


Every day, we see dads trade pain for purpose.  Will you join us?

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Hi, I'm Drew Soleyn

As a certified Leadership Coach, Trainer, and Speaker I help struggling dads break the negative cycle of their past, overcome mistakes, and transform their family life.


But what I really want you to know is that I struggled as a dad, and often felt like I was failing. Despite my best efforts I kept hurting my wife and three kids in the process. While I searched for answers, I realized many dads felt the same pain but had nowhere to turn for advice, encouragement or support. From this experience Connected Dads was born. 


The transformational growth I experienced from being mentored by Dr. John C. Maxwell inspired our training. My personal story inspired who we serve.


Ultimately, that combination means that Connected Dads has a proven system to help men transform their family life and become the dads they dreamed of having. 

View our upcoming events below for opportunities to connect to an Accelerator group. Join our mailing list to get advice, encouragement and support delivered straight to your inbox. Read our blog, or, just send me an email at and let's start a conversation. I'd be honoured to support your dad journey!


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