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Get Connected

What does it mean to be a Connected Dad?

Through the every day struggles and relentless demands, Connected Dads find a way to invest in their most important relationships. They also lead themselves first, and set the example for their family by fully embracing three pillars: Fatherhood, Faith & Fitness. 


The challenge is great, the rewards even greater. Most of us recognize we fall short every day.


What separates the connected from the disengaged is simply the willingness to get up each day and try again.


Remember, you are not your mistake. Burn the ships, and leave the past behind. 

From today forward you can choose to become connected, and reap the rewards for your family and life.

"When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment, you create trust.”

John C. Maxwell


When a dad has clarity in five areas of his fatherhood, he begins to live and act with conviction.  Dads, connect with yourself first to reap the most benefits for your family. Do you know your:

  1. Purpose -  role as a man/father and the vision you have for your life and family?

  2. People - who is most important in your life and how you add value to them?

  3. Personality - what are your strengths, weaknesses, character and values?

  4. Passion -  what lights you up and leaves you fulfilled every day?

  5. Priorities - what you commit time and energy to on a daily basis?


When a dad is grounded by faith he is a refuge for his family when the unpredictability of life hits.  He also learns perspective and forgiveness which allow him to let go of the past and show up at his best for those who need him most.  Do you know where you find: 

  1. Peace - What gives you peace in every circumstance and clarity for today’s decisions?

  2. Hope - What gives you hope for the future and courage to overcome your past?

  3. Strength - Where you find strength in the face of adversity?

  4. Fulfillment - Where your soul and spirit are nourished?


When a dad chooses to exercise discipline in his life he is leading by example. By taking action every day he improves his mood and his health. He also reduces stress, mitigates risk, and builds momentum.  How is your:  

  1. Physical Fitness?

  2. Mental & Emotional Fitness?

  3. Financial Fitness?

  4. Spiritual Fitness?

Dads, we're here for you.

The most powerful way to achieve becoming a Connected Dad is through relationship with other like-minded men.  As the proverb goes, “Iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”


That’s why Connected Dads exists – to connect men in a way that ‘sharpens’ them to live intentionally and lead with purpose.

Above all, Connected Dads believes that every man is at his best when united with others in meaningful relationship.

Dads, you were made for this.  It's your time to thrive. Your family is counting on you.

Join us!

Here are some ways you can start:

Get Connected

"Motivation will get you going, but discipline keeps you growing.”

John C. Maxwell


Connect with a coach to activate your intentions, accelerate your growth, and create the change you so desire.

Training Programs

Register for our small group programs to join like minded men on a mission to transform their family life.

Private Facebook Group

Join our private Facebook Group to be supported, encouraged and inspired to be your best for the people who matter most in your life.

A Dad's Guide To Connecting

Light_A Dad's Guide Ebook.jpg

Hey Dads, could you use a little help with family life? If so, get started today by downloading our free ebook: 

 5 Simple Ways To Connect With Your Family: Build Trust, Gain Respect, Win Their Hearts

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