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21 Positive Phrases Dads Can Say To Their Kids

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If you’re a dad who wants to help raise confident and successful kids, it starts with speaking positively to them on a daily basis.

Why? Because a father’s words are powerful. In fact, they have the ability to change the trajectory of children’s lives – for good or bad. Every parent, moms included, can positively affirm and encourage their children. It’s just that dads may not realize how important their positive words are to their kids.

I share this short post to help dads speak positively into their kids’ lives. It also serves as a reminder for myself. Dealing with everyday struggles of parenting during a pandemic can make it hard to see what’s good. And I’ve certainly had some frustrating days when I could have used a list like this. So let’s work at this together, and say these phrases as often as we can to our kids. If we make it a habit, I know it will make a difference for your (and my) kids.

21 Positive Phrases Dads Can Say to Their Kids

  1. I love you. (You can never tell them this enough.)

  2. I appreciate you.

  3. You can do it. I believe in you.

  4. I love how you care about others.

  5. I’m proud of you and of who you are.

  6. Being your dad is my favorite job in the world.

  7. You are enough just as you are.

  8. You are fun to have around.

  9. You are excellent at ________.

  10. You have so many talents.

  11. You are beautiful/handsome.

  12. You have courage.

  13. Even when we don’t agree, I am always on your side

  14. You are getting so big/old/independent

  15. I can tell that you have been working hard. Keep that up and you’ll reach all your goals!

  16. You are a good friend.

  17. You have really great ideas.

  18. You are a gift to our family.

  19. You are a great kid. It’s a privilege to be your dad.

  20. You make a positive difference wherever you go.

  21. You have what it takes to be successful in life.

I created a poster listing these 21 phrases that you can download here.

Which one will you use first? And what is missing? Share the positive words/phrases you use with your kids and help add to this list!

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